Driving & Thriving

Chantelle & Keith

My name is Chantelle, and my husband Keith and I are very different people, yet we complement each other quite well. In fact, our differences make our lives interesting and rewarding. Keith has been a devoted outdoor adventurer and nature lover for over forty years. His version of fun is mountain climbing, hiking, white water kayaking, and backcountry skiing. Most of his professional career has been focused on commercial and residential construction management, but in the last few years, his heart has been calling him to return to the outdoors.

I have always loved the outdoors, gardening, and volunteering, but my passion lies in helping others. In fact, I live to inspire people to see beauty in everyday life, encouraging them to embrace life as one big opportunity, and to never give up even when things get tough and seem unbearable. Twenty-five plus years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and due to my illness retired, for the second time, in 2012. 

Each day is different, and some days are better than others, but I am happy and want to share my story, my attitude, and my pursuit of a life well lived with as many people as possible. Keith and I have been married for eleven years. We have raised four children, lived in seven different homes, dabbled in farming, suburban bliss, and now live in a 40’ Class A motorhome. With all of this change, we've finally found perfection in a life without limits on the open road. We don't not know what tomorrow brings, but we know happiness is ours for the taking.

Who we are...


Driving & Thriving

Welcome to the adventure! We are the Hobgood’s, and our full-time traveling family includes Keith (Dad), Chantelle (Mom), Champlin (Son), Kiki (Cocker Spaniel), and Red (Half-Boon Betta Fish)! We began our journey on June 5th, 2017, and time is flying by. After living in Colorado for decades, we decided it was time to shake things up, take big bites out of life, and define our lives in a completely new way. Now we're driving and thriving, and we couldn't be happier.

Three of our four children were grown when we made the decision to live a life less ordinary, and we felt the timing was perfect for defining our version of the American Dream. So, we sold our home and everything in it and took to the open road. It took us six months to complete the arduous task of getting ready, but we managed to liquidate 3,000 square feet of "stuff," plus a three-car garage filled with years of accumulated belongings. 

Our vision was to redefine our priorities and to live according to our own motivations, not those imposed on us by society. To achieve this goal we created a life plan that did not include hours of watching television, a typical 9 to 5 job, or traditional schooling. Yep, we defined our life independent of the “you should be doing” or “you can’t expect to be happy” or “how will you function without.” We wiped our slate clean and created “Driving and Thriving,” our ticket to freedom!


What we offer...


Freedom & Flexibility

When we hit the road, Keith had a traveling construction management position that moved us around the Southeastern states. We traveled from Georgia to South Carolina in late 2017, but life changed again. We had to redesign the way we lived once more. However, this turn of events allowed us to truly establish freedom. We made the conscious decision to embrace more changes, learn more about ourselves, and set our priorities intentionally.

Keith and I decided we would travel wherever we wanted, make new friends along the way, and give our youngest son the richest world schooling life we could. In time, we plan to explore the United States, Canada, and Central America, and can't wait to see what life has in store. 

Once we made the commitment to “Drive and Thrive,” our vision became limitless and, frankly, we are not sure exactly where it will take us. That is the beauty of this lifestyle! You can define what you want your life to look like. There is no wrong way of doing things and you can change what you are doing at any time. Once we decided to accept this shift, our smiles got wider, and life became intoxicating.

Why we drive...

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Exploring & Discovering

Sometime during late 2016, a flame ignited within us. As Keith was nearing the end of his career and I was simply managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), we decided we needed to prioritize, live simply, and proceed without regrets. Not only that, we were tired of the “treadmill” and felt we were going nowhere fast.

Sure, Keith had a job and I had a handle on my MS, but something was missing. We were tired of the typical 50-hour work week grind, then two days off, and two weeks vacation a year. What was the point? Wasn’t there more to life than the typical story? How long could Keith work? What was in store for me with MS?

In November 2016, I called Keith on his way home from work and asked him, “What do you think about selling everything, buying an RV, and living life to its fullest?” I honestly think it took him but five minutes to respond. First he had to know I was serious, and when he did the answer was easy. He said, “yes!" The rest is history, and now we're driving and thriving!

When We travel...


Here & There

Living full time in our RV, nicknamed the "Golden Snail," has given us the freedom to explore more, and live more. When we embarked upon this journey, one of our big questions was, “what do we want out of our life?” For us, intentionally living is the key to happiness and success. Keith and I deliberately challenged ourselves to not let life pass us by. We wanted to be present, live without regrets, and create our life experiences, watching them unfold in unexpected ways.

Our "when" began on June 5, 2017, but "now" is the focal point today. With every new town, museum, social gathering, or unique opportunity, we are committed to saying “yes” to all of it! This is our life, and we recognize that we only have one opportunity to do it this way. There is no “we can’t do that now,” or “we shouldn’t live this way.” Instead, we have proactively move beyond arbitrary limitations.

Our dreams get bigger every day, and we look forward to new adventures all over the globe. In time, we will travel throughout the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico, and have already set our sights on traveling globally as well. The sky truly is the limit, and we plan on living with without limits, and filing our adventurous souls with all this beautiful world has to offer. 

Where we go...


Colorado & Beyond

From the beginning, Keith and I paved our way by following our personalities. For us, life is meant to be an adventure, with a focus on emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Our relationship has moved in a variety of ways, and each new turn, and fork in the road, has provided an opportunity to learn, and live, more.

When Keith and I decided to sell everything and embrace the nomadic life, we freed ourselves from society’s shackles, and our gypsy souls matured. Now, we move around the country to meet new people, find new adventures, and live independently of society’s set standards. That does not mean we're irresponsible with our lives, we've simply chosen to be free, and for us that means dreaming big, growing more, pursuing our passions, and leaving this world with no regrets.

By Driving and Thriving, the world is ours to cherish, love, and appreciate. We strive to live life free of judgement, exploring different ways of living, and developing mutually beneficial relationships that make the world a better place.

How We Help...


Natural & Healthy 

In September 2017, I discovered the magic of essential oils at a campground in Cumming, Georgia. It was there that I became friends with a woman named Stacy, and a couple days later we planned a playdate with our young children in the park. But before we could meet I came down with a terrible cold, it was awful! I told my new friend I could not leave the RV, and she walked over with a diffuser and three oils. She said, “Don’t worry about it. Take this diffuser, put three drops of each oil, and rest up.” I knew she was a Young Living oil distributor, and I didn’t really think much of it.

I did as I was told and after 30 minutes I was in total shock! The oils were making a difference. Again, I didn’t really get too excited except the longer the oils diffused the brighter my day became. My spirits were lifted; my head and chest felt remarkably better; and I did not want that diffuser to leave, yet Stacy was departing that day! After some hours, she came to recover her precious oils, but I was determined that I was getting in on all that goodness. We exchanged information, and she helped me sign up with Young Living.

Later that day, I had a premium starter kit ordered and all I had to do was wait for my oils to arrive. It seemed like an eternity, but a couple weeks later that magic box arrived along with a bottle of lemongrass that Stacy suggested I order so I could make a “pain-roller”. I was just happy I got the kit and had the oils I needed to support my family naturally when it came to a cold or flu. Little did I know, this is when the real magic began!

Once I received the pain-roller recipe, I immediately tested its effectiveness. I suffer from ongoing MS pain, and use medication to handle this everyday issue. That night, I was experiencing arm spasms, so I grabbed my pain roller and applied the oil. I remember thinking, “I won’t be surprised if nothing happens!” Well, five to ten minutes later all of the pain was gone! I was really onto something now! I was completely hooked and immersed myself in learning how to focus on wellness and to create a toxin-free life for my family and me.

Little by little, I learned to use my oils and started to substitute chemical laden items I purchased from the store with toxin-free Young Living products. At this point, I couldn’t keep Young Living a secret and my husband, Keith, joined in my efforts. Now, Young Living is our means to ultimate freedom while living on the open road!