Do All the Roses Smell Good?

Last week, Keith, Champlin and I went to Shreveport Rose Garden, and it was nothing short of unbelievable. The timing was perfect for me physically. The day was not filled with a sweltering hot mess of humidity, and the roses were just beginning to bloom throughout the park. The American Rose Garden features the country’s largest rose collection. During this splendid outing, we discovered 20,000 rose bushes that were carefully laid out over 118 acres. Each rose bloom fragrance ranged from a subtle sweet citrus smell to intoxicatingly romantic scents.

But the point of my story has little to do with roses and everything to do with taking time to appreciate Mother Nature’s treasures. If you have not noticed, the blessings and beauty are everywhere.  Most of us are simply too busy to admire the gifts that surround us. Since Keith and I took to the open road last June, our appreciation for life and its many blessings have become the focal point of our daily lives.  My writings are not meant to poke or prod at conventional life. These snippets of my thoughts are simply meant to inspire you to look around and live intentionally.

Of course, I believe living in an RV is perfection, but true happiness and enjoyment while you live in a “sticks and bricks” home are absolutely achievable. The point of our quest is simply to explore more, live according to our terms, and to take time to enjoy life. The formula is easy and achievable by all. You do not need wealth, special gear, or access to exquisite natural beauty. What you do need is the right attitude.

I can appreciate driving in rush hour traffic, standing in an everlastingly long line, or even enjoy an overly crowded elevator. Guess what? You can too.

Take time to smell the roses………..decide what the “roses” are to you…….accept the extra time you are given in the exceedingly long line as a gift from God or the Universe. Why should you embrace what appears as wasted time in line as a gift? Because there are no accidents in life and each moment is either a gift or a burden. It is your attitude that determines what the experience will be to you. Life will be better if you take the extra time to smile at a stranger, talk to someone new, say a prayer, or enjoy a few moments in meditation.

Change the way you look at things and the things will change…..Dr. Wayne W. Dyer