Your Wellness Awaits

Every day, we wake up; open our essential oils case, and begin our day with the purest essential oils available. Why should you care? Well, YOU should care because YOU deserve this! Starting a journey with Young Living essential oils will change how you look at your daily choices for your family and YOU. I want you stop right now and release whatever judgements you have about essential oils, holistic medicine, and naturopathy as you read this blog post. Why?

Because I made judgements, and I was wrong! If you do not want to grow or try something that can truly support your body for the better, then I understand; stop reading. But if you really want to make a change, help your body stay healthy, and do something that not only helps you but helps our earth, keep on reading.

You see, I was YOU almost a year ago. I heard about Young Living and wanted to do an immediate about face and run. I thought, “Yikes, here we go another MLM, overpriced scam that would not really do anything for me except support yet another pyramid scheme.” Yes, I thought ALL of those things, and if I had not gotten sick and tried Young Living oils because a friend at a campground told me to give it a try, I would have the same judgments you are having right now.

Are you ready? Young Living has been making the most amazing oils since 1994. They have set the industry standard with their amazing Seed to Seal Guarantee, and they accept nothing but the best. They only distil their oils one time, and all the other companies can distill up to six times and still call them 100% pure essential oils. Young Living performs internal and third-party external testing and ALL of their oils are either produced on a Young Living owned farm or a partner farm (partner farms must meet the same Seed to Seal standards as Young Living farms). The company NEVER uses third party brokers for oils.

Okay, so Young Living is the BEST, but do they really help you? I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am not here to tell you a tall tale that essential oils will cure anything. However, I do have a disease that makes my body highly sensitive to toxins and keeping and staying healthy are key to my wellbeing. I use the best oils because I deserve the best support mechanism available.

I can, without hesitation, say Young Living essential oils and Young Living products (My husband LOVES the supplements!) support my body. Aren’t there other products that can help? Probably, but I have been on a long wellness journey, and I have tried countless products, diets, and wellness methods that have provided me with limited results. Never have I been able to stand behind a company or product until Young Living.

Last September, I purchased a premium starter kit and now I am here sharing the magic with YOU……and sometimes I have to pinch myself because MLM is NOT me, and selling is NOT me, but once YOU choose to use Young Living a whole new world unfolds before YOU. Begin your journey today….YOU deserve this!