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Your Wellness Awaits

Are you ready? Young Living has been making the most amazing oils since 1994. They have set the industry standard with their amazing Seed to Seal Guarantee, and they accept nothing but the best. They only distil their oils one time, and all the other companies can distill up to six times and still call them 100% pure essential oils.

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Should I Jump?

The point is it is okay to have a bad day, terrible attitude, or to fail miserably at whatever we are trying to accomplish. What matters is for us to recognize that the bad moment will pass and we cannot give up. Don’t let that “bump in the road” change your life. The thing about “bumps” is we always get over them. It is inevitable.

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The Road to More Change

Well, we finally have decided it is time to head out of Texas after spending two and half months here. Why so long in one place? It is a bit of a story! My daughter, May, joined the US Navy last October; she finished basic training in December and moved to Lackland AFB to complete her training as Master at Arms (aka Navy police). We drove from north central Florida in late December to spend the holidays with my son,  Matteo, and my May. Little did we know at that time, but Texas was about to become our home for a while.

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