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A Bit of Generosity

We all see cars broken down from time to time, but do we calm our lives for that moment and think about what we can do to be of service? I am sure you can say you have lent a helping hand at least once in your life. Do you do it enough? Is this service a vital part of your existence? Since we began our adventure almost a year ago, we shifted our focus from “us” as individuals to a focus on the world “around” us. By living a service-driven life, we are better people. And by being better people, we can make the world a better place

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The Road to More Change

Well, we finally have decided it is time to head out of Texas after spending two and half months here. Why so long in one place? It is a bit of a story! My daughter, May, joined the US Navy last October; she finished basic training in December and moved to Lackland AFB to complete her training as Master at Arms (aka Navy police). We drove from north central Florida in late December to spend the holidays with my son,  Matteo, and my May. Little did we know at that time, but Texas was about to become our home for a while.

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