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Five Steps to Avoid a Healthcare Crisis

Just like you, sometimes life does not function smoothly for us! Yes, we love Driving & Thriving but there are bumps in the road and challenges to overcome. Keith, Champlin, Piper (our 8-year-old niece), and I were enjoying a 12-day mellow summer vacation and that all came to a screeching halt last week.

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Your Wellness Awaits

Are you ready? Young Living has been making the most amazing oils since 1994. They have set the industry standard with their amazing Seed to Seal Guarantee, and they accept nothing but the best. They only distil their oils one time, and all the other companies can distill up to six times and still call them 100% pure essential oils.

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What Happened?

I was loving my essential oils so much that I started to look at my family to see what I could do to help them with their health and well being. At the time, Keith and I were in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Keith was finishing a project about 45 minutes away, and he was struggling with what he thought was an ear infection.I had not had my Young Living oils that long so I was still quite the novice with them, but I began to research both online an in the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book to see how I could help him. Let me give you a bit of backstory on Keith as it applies to his journey.

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