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Abundance is Everywhere

The full-time RV life has allowed us to live intentionally and by living intentionally, we are able to appreciate the smallest of treasures. Our $10 gift from Source will be forever burned into our memory as is our appreciation for the amazing abundance that surrounds us every day. We keep that bill inside one of our cabinets that we use often to remind us of this lesson.

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Adventures of the Golden Snail

Moving is no big deal, right? Um, no! There’s a lot that goes into a RV relocation. You have to lift the motorhome jacks, close the slides, retract the canopy, take down the flags, and you need to secure EVERYTHING inside the motorhome so you do not have a disaster to clean up once the move has been completed. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, that was not the case on MY moving day. I struggle with daily, ongoing, pervasive fatigue that is exacerbated by stress. Guess what? This was a very stressful feat. So, I had to get up especially early to give myself plenty of time to achieve all the duties and to take ample breaks in between each accomplishment.

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