Embracing Essential Oils 

Hello and welcome! My name is Chantelle, and I'm passionate about Young Living Essential Oils. In September 2017, I discovered the magic of essential oils at a campground in Cumming, Georgia. It was there that I became friends with a woman named Stacy, and a couple days later we planned a playdate with our young children in the park. But before we could meet I came down with a terrible cold, it was awful!

I told my new friend I could not leave the RV, and she walked over with a diffuser and three oils. She said, “Don’t worry about it. Take this diffuser, put three drops of each oil, and rest up.” I knew she was a Young Living oil distributor, and I didn’t really think much of it. I did as I was told and after 30 minutes I was in total shock! The oils were making a difference.

Again, I didn’t really get too excited except the longer the oils diffused the brighter my day became. My spirits were lifted; my head and chest felt remarkably better; and I did not want that diffuser to leave, yet Stacy was departing that day! After some hours, she came to recover her precious oils, but I was determined that I was getting in on all that goodness.

We exchanged information, and she helped me sign up with Young Living. Later that day, I had a premium starter kit ordered and all I had to do was wait for my oils to arrive. It seemed like an eternity, but a couple weeks later that magic box arrived along with a bottle of lemongrass that Stacy suggested I order so I could make a “pain-roller”.

I was just happy I got the kit and had the oils I needed to support my family naturally when it came to a cold or flu. Little did I know,  this is when the real magic began! Once I received the pain-roller recipe, I immediately tested its effectiveness. I suffer from ongoing MS pain, and use medication to handle this everyday issue. That night, I was experiencing arm spasms, so I grabbed my pain roller and applied the oil. I remember thinking, “I won’t be surprised if nothing happens!” Well, five to ten minutes later all of the pain was gone! I was really onto something now!

I was completely hooked and immersed myself in learning how to focus on wellness and to create a toxin-free life for my family and me. Little by little, I learned to use my oils and started to substitute chemical laden items I purchased from the store with toxin-free Young Living products. At this point, I couldn’t keep Young Living a secret and my husband, Keith, joined in my efforts. Now, Young Living is our means to ultimate freedom while living on the open road! 

Chantelle and her daughter May......December 2017

Chantelle and her daughter May......December 2017

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