Ready To Discover The Truth?

Our road life adventure began last June, and we have enjoyed every precious moment. Those experiences have been amazing, fun-filled adventures, but it has not been what we have seen or done that has changed me. It is the people that I have met and come to know that have taken me on the best ride of my life.

A big part of becoming nomads was centered on living more, being free, rekindling old friendships and creating new ones along the way. For us, our society has become so removed from what matters. So what matters? People do. People are what hold us together and those connections grow us in unexpected ways. When I first considered my motivations, I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.

I have always beat to my own drummer and have worked really hard in the last ten years to appreciate all walks of life. Being non-judgmental as much as possible is my goal. It is actually easy or that is what I used to think. Yes, it is easy to respect different people who believe different things but try becoming friends with them. No, I am not talking about superficial friends. I mean true friends where you count on that person, grow in a similar direction, but do not share the same spiritual beliefs.

Never once did I think I could not do it, but what I did not know was that I was actually going to grow my own spirituality by becoming close to someone who was, in many ways, nothing like me. We do not share the same beliefs, but we do share the mutual respect for each other’s choices. In the many times we have talked, I can see we are more similar than I originally believed. Our principles are the same. We believe in loving unconditionally, trying to be judgment free, and embrace acceptance of our fellow man. We just do it differently. Or do we?

The truth is our spiritual differences do not keep us from connecting as people. People are what matters and not what people believe. Who they are is what they hold in their hearts not how, who, or where they worship. True friendship lies in accepting someone just as they are as an individual. Today, I thank God for this lesson and look forward to my next challenge. Are you ready for yours?