Abundance is Everywhere


Driving from Mississippi to Georgia allowed us to stay at one of our favorite quick overnight spots…Super Walmart! Yep, you heard me right! Walmart has an amazing program that allows RV travelers and truckers to stay overnight for free, and when we drive long distances, we like to reduce our expenditures.

Last week, we stopped at Walmart in Live Oak, Florida. Like Keith, Champlin, and I always do, we went in a purchased a few items to demonstrate our appreciation for the free overnight accommodations. As we walked back to our coach, a woman started coming toward us. You could tell she was embarrassed, but she nervously said “I don’t mean to bother you, and I mean you no harm, but I do not have any money for my daughter and me to eat this evening. Can I come and wash your car for a few dollars?”

Instantly, I opened my wallet and gave her $20, and I told her she did not need to clean my car. With tears in her eyes, she thanked me, and I gave her a hug and told her it would be okay. She walked away holding her heart, and Keith and I went back to our coach with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude in our hearts for all that we have.

I went inside our RV and Keith walked our dog. As he was heading back to join Champlin and me, he happened to look down and discovered a wadded-up dollar bill. He picked it up and found it was ten dollars! If you have not heard the saying what you put out into the universe you receive in return, now you know. These occurrences happen to us all the time. We try to generously give whenever we can, and we do not worry about how, what, or where our donations go.

The full-time RV life has allowed us to live intentionally and by living intentionally, we are able to appreciate the smallest of treasures. Our $10 gift from Source will be forever burned into our memory as is our appreciation for the amazing abundance that surrounds us every day. We keep that bill inside one of our cabinets that we use often to remind us of this lesson.