Should I Jump?

Should I jump? Yes, you heard me right. I feel like jumping off a bridge and not looking back. It began yesterday and hit me like a ton of bricks. No matter how hard I work at being positive each day, sometimes I falter. Some days, I get frustrated and do not know why I am being downright negative. Nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing is different in my wonderful life. I am just in a deep pit of nasty attitude, and I am not kidding.

Two days ago, I had the strength of a lion and could see nothing negative in my life. I am not
exaggerating when I say this. I am typically extraordinarily positive. No, not a little positive. I mean off-the- charts, borderline euphoric with every situation, trouble, or challenge. I can see the positive in the worst of worst situations, and that makes me feel amazing.

What changed? I have absolutely no idea……okay, that’s not honest…….I know what it is……..It is
me not being consistent over the last week with my oils while simultaneously trying to reduce
one of my depression medications and let’s not forget trying to make the world a better place
while not putting my oxygen mask on consistently.

You see, I am on a life-long quest to cure myself of Multiple Sclerosis. Call me crazy, but that is
my goal and I intend for it to happen with every fiber of my body. That said, the universe kindly
reminds me that I STILL have MS and have not cured myself yet. AND, I need to accept my
reality and make the best of it. Do I give up?

Nope, that is not my style. With a heavy heart, I walked over to the medicine cabinet and took
that second dreaded little pill so I would not throw myself in front of raging traffic. How does
this apply to you and what am I trying to say? Well, what I am trying to tell you is that we are all
human working on being a better version of ourselves every day. Sometimes, we slip. Heck,
sometimes we fall flat on our face as we are desperately trying to survive our struggles.

The point is it is okay to have a bad day, terrible attitude, or to fail miserably at whatever we
are trying to accomplish. What matters is for us to recognize that the bad moment will pass and
we cannot give up. Don’t let that “bump in the road” change your life. The thing about “bumps”
is we always get over them. It is inevitable.