A Bit of Generosity


Once you become a fulltime RV traveler, life changes in countless ways, but one of the biggest adjustments is your relationship to the rest of the world. Sure, you are quirky, and some may even call you eccentric because you live your life on the open road. But in reality, all of your existing relationships and new friendships function in a unique way. You call home more often, check -in regularly, and Facebook becomes a way to keep people up-to-date on your latest adventures.

Your new friends are beyond wonderful! RVers are hands down some of the most genuine and helpful people you will ever meet. Having trouble backing your rig into your campsite? There’s always a friendly face to guide you into that incredibly cramped spot or to make sure you do not cut a corner to short. Looking around the campground for the dump station? No need to worry about where it is...RVers laser in on the person in need as they appear to have psychic abilities, and they offer assistance to anyone who has a puzzled or lost look on their face.

Then, you start to change and become just like them. As we drove down interstate 57 in Tennessee, Keith spotted an RV on the side of the road. He didn’t say anything to me about stopping. He pulled over while I was lying down on the couch behind him. I felt our rig come to a halt and said, “What’s going on?” He replied, “Well, there’s an RV broken down and I want to see if they need any help.”  He popped out of his seat, walked straight out our RV, and shut the door behind him. I smiled from ear to ear.

We all see cars broken down from time to time, but do we calm our lives for that moment and think about what we can do to be of service? I am sure you can say you have lent a helping hand at least once in your life.  Do you do it enough? Is this service a vital part of your existence?

Since we began our adventure almost a year ago, we shifted our focus from “us” as individuals to a focus on the world “around” us. By living a service-driven life, we are better people. And by being better people, we can make the world a better place.