Live Your Dream

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We left the Dinosaur Quarry in Utah and began our venture back home to Colorado. Once again, Keith drove us over the road into new territories we had never seen before. The way back was an easy two-day drive, but Keith and I decided to take our time and enjoy the beautiful Wyoming Mountains. Like everything we do these days, last minute decisions about our routes, that depend upon our mood at the moment, keep us on our toes and ensure Keith, Champlin, and I are living in the “present”. Terrible way to live? I think not! There is no wrong road to get where you want to go. It boils down to what you feel like experiencing along the way, and that, my friends, requires flexibility and forethought.

You see, when you choose to live a freedom-based life, you let go of society’s chains that dictate how, when, where, and what you do with your life. No longer do you worry about what your neighbors your think about whether you participate in the PTA or what kind of lawn furniture you own. To put it simply, you exist on your own terms. Yes, we are different from most people, but what’s the point of being like everyone else?

A year ago, Keith and I decided it was time for us to live the life that we have exactly how we want to live it. After all, it is our life and no one else is responsible for how our experience turns out except for us. So, full time RVing made perfect sense to us. What’s holding you back from living your dream? Whatever your dream is, go out and live it! Be the person you want to be and create your adventure according to your terms. The Hobgoods will be waiting for you to join us on the road, or, let us know what dream you are seeking, and oh the fun we will have.

Until next time....Chantelle Hobgood, Battle Pass, WY