Finding Your Way to Positivity

Nothing will affect your life so much as the attitude that pervades your consciousness. The universe/God wants to give you what you want but it determines that not so much by what you ask for, but by what you think about as a sort of background program running in your mind. Do you consider yourself a positive person or a negative person? How do you know, really? Try this simple exercise: every time that you have a negative (unkind, judgmental) thought, action, or word stop yourself and say out loud, “cancel.” Do this for the course of one day (honestly) and take the measure of the results. If you found that you “canceled” a lot, you might not be as positive in your approach to life as you think.

Make Real Magic

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind.”—Wayne Dyer

Creating a state of mind that is kind, upbeat, and non-judgmental allows all your personal interactions to become non-competitive, non-confrontational, and supportive decreasing stress in your life. The added benefit is that you will become more closely allied with the people with whom you interact allowing you access to their support and knowledge and, in turn, they yours. This develops mutually supportive relationships and removes isolationism from your life.

“No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by how you process your world.”—Wayne Dyer

To paraphrase, what happens to you is factual. How you respond to what happens in your world is your own to choose. You are free to react in a kind and beneficial way that finds solutions and personal growth for all involved or you can choose confrontation, divisiveness, and conflict. One leads to peace; the other leads to more conflict, is not productive, and is self-destructive.

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You Are What You Think About

If you spend your days thinking about your “problems,” the universe will give you more of them. If you think instead that your “problems” are opportunities, you can begin to see lessons to be learned and find paths to manifesting these opportunities in a positive way in your life. Everything in your life is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle. It’s YOUR choice. Act as if what you want has already occurred and you will understand the path to manifest your desires.

Three Simple Steps To Bring The Power of Positivity To Your Life

Access Your Gratitude. Many people make lists of the things that are wrong in their lives. Start by making a daily list of all the things that are right and good about your life. After making this list, meditate about (Try diffusing Young Living oils – my personal favorite is Sacred Frankincense ), pray, or simply say thank you for all the good in your life. Do this for 30 days and it will change your view of your life.

Practice Kindness. Every day, go out of your way to do as many kind acts as possible. These do not have to be large, splashy actions. Opening doors for others, helping someone carry an awkward load, speaking always with kind words, being polite, listening purposefully to someone else, or even looking people in the eye and smiling. Your life will change in remarkable, positive ways if you do this for 30 days.

Elevate your awareness. Practice the “cancel” exercise above. Remove all thoughts of being powerless and manifest an awareness of your motivations. Be honest in your self-examinations. Begin a daily regimen of quiet reflection and learn to communicate with yourself. Do this daily for 30 days and you will see real changes.

“If you want the look of the world to change, change the way that you look at the world.” –Wayne Dyer

I wish all of you peace. Keep on driving and thriving. Please leave comments and begin a conversation!

--Keith Hobgood

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