Essential Oil Kits

As Keith and I travel, we are reminded of the importance of Young Living Essential Oils. Whether we're using Young living to refresh our surroundings, filling the air with the fragrance of wildflowers, or to improve our physical and psychological wellbeing, essential oils are a key component of our daily lives. 

Traveling the country in an RV, we've learned to pair down our belongs to only those things we truly need. In doing so, we've reduced our footprint on the planet, buying fewer items than if we lived in a traditional home. Granted we drive, just as we would if we commuted from a stationary location, our possessions are fewer, and our lives are richer with these products, these kits.  

Regardless of where you live, or how you explore this beautiful planet of ours, using Young Living Essential Oils is invaluable, which is why we've preselected a number of items we enjoy. From essential oil diffusers to spray bottles, the little things make using Young Living products easier and more enjoyable. So, learn from our experience on the road, and explore our kits on Amazon. 

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