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Essential Oils  as insect repellent

Young Living Essential Oils have a wide variety of uses, from providing aromatherapy via a diffuser to preventing insect bites. If you're prone to insect bites, and would like a safe, healthy alternative to commercial sprays, this video is for you.

Overcoming Life Struggles

We all struggle in life, and yet maintaining a positive attitude is key. Watch as Chantelle discusses why she shaves her head, and how she lives her best life regardless of circumstances. Not only is she happy, but she's confident in her appearance. 

Cooking with Essential Oils 

Did you know Essential Oils could be used in cooking? That's right, and they're delicious too! Watch as Chantelle and Keith use Young Living products to create a vibrant, healthy salad and discover new ways to enliven your daily meals, at home and on the road.