Don't Call it Homeschooling

Goodbye Colorado! Hello adventures! Both Keith and I were ready for warmer weather, so we decided to drive through Texas on our way to Louisiana. We kept our Texas destinations very low key because we did not want to tell Champlin that we were going to Dinosaur World! Yep, we were planning an excursion that pretty much every six-year- old boy would want to see! Dinosaur World is a mere mile away from Dinosaur Valley State Park.

As we passed by Dinosaur World, he squealed with delight! The look on his face was absolutely priceless! Champlin loves dinosaurs and spends a great deal of time reading dinosaur book after dinosaur book; and, at this point, he knows far more about dinosaurs than me.

One of the greatest blessings that full-time RVing brings to us is FREEDOM from public school. In my opinion, public school stifles a child’s creativity, thirst for knowledge, and the socialization makes me cringe. When you travel full time, the world becomes your classroom and you are not limited to a specific curriculum that is not reinforced by actually seeing and doing educational activities.

We do not call it homeschooling; we call it world schooling. World schooling creates an environment of ongoing exploration and hands-on learning in authentic places where actual school subjects occur. Not only that, world schooling gives you and your child the freedom to pursue personal interests at whatever pace you want.

When we first began our travels, we started with a highly recommended homeschool curriculum and Champlin did quite well. That said, something was missing. It was not until we threw some of the books to the side and empowered him with his education, that his passion came alive. Once I gave up traditional homeschooling control, I learned that he loved history, archaeology, science, and math. What six-year- old knows all of the dinosaur ages (Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous!) and different geological rock formations?

Yep, world schooling is just another reason to break free from society’s shackles and to live
your life exactly how YOU want to live it. See your children grow up, learn more, live more, and
be FREE.