Boondocking It Is!

After a year of more traditional RV camping and dabbling in few Walmart overnight stays, Keith and I finally launched into a whole new world. Yes, boondocking!!! So, what is it? Well, prepared to be awed! Once you boondock, you truly spread your wings and full time RVing transforms to true FREEDOM!

Boondocking is camping FREE of charge, but in many instances, it means you have no access to electric, water, and sewer. Have no fear, we have a Class A Diesel motorhome equipped with four brand new AGM batteries (a necessity for our 12-volt electrical system---this primarily runs the lights inside the RV), 105-gallon fresh water tank, 65-gallon grey water (kitchen water, sink, & shower waste) holding tank, 45-gallon black tank (sewer).

So, where can one boondock? One of our favorite places to boondock is in our national forests. Everyone can camp free of charge and where ever you want within our country’s amazing forests, unless there is a sign prohibiting camping. Check with the local forest’s management offices (or online) for specifics. The one universal rule you need to follow is “pack it in and pack it out” otherwise known as “leave no trace”.

Why should you boondock? Well if FREE living does not appeal to you, how about the unbelievable beauty? Or, do you want to experience things very few others enjoy? Does peace and quiet appeal to you? I could sit here and list a million reasons for you to consider, but ultimately your soul will speak to you.

Now let me address your FEAR! If I can offer one piece of advice, it would be for you to turn off your TV and stop listening to horrific, negative, mainstream news reporting. We all have more in common than those outlets would have you believe. You will be doing yourself a huge favor! I’m not saying that bad things do not happen in our world, but after being on the road for over a year, I can tell you that our country is STILL an extraordinarily safe, welcoming place filled with amazing, helpful people. There is no reason for you to be scared….this may challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone, but you will be okay. I promise!

Sure, I have Keith, but as I have said hundreds of time, I would continue my nomad life even if I was alone. Anyone can do this! We are novice boondockers for sure, but just wait for the amazing adventures we will share with you. One thing is for sure, at some point, you will ditch your “sticks & bricks” home and live your life exactly how you want to……and we will cheer you on and follow you and your adventures!