Xscaper Convergences

Many travels have occurred as of late and giving back has been high on our radar. During July, we attended two Xscaper Convergences. So who are these Xscapers? The Xscapers are a group of full time RVers that travel fulltime in their RVs but they also have jobs. Some work for someone, others are entrepreneurs, and some piece together gigs along the way. The Xscapers organization hosts convergences for like-minded people to gather together in friendship and to enjoy new destinations along the way.

Keith, Champlin, and I had never attended a convergence, and we decided to take the plunge this year. We booked a convergence in Pagosa Springs, CO and a Habitat for Humanity convergence in Bayfield, CO. We spent a total of three weeks meeting new people, having adventures, and giving back to the community.

What can you expect from a convergence? Convergences are designed to let people work during the day and have fun in the afternoon and evening. Some nights, it’s a pizza, a movie, a game of corn hole, and cocktail or two, but there’s always more to enjoy. In Pagosa, there was mini-golfing, a rodeo, tubing, night’s out for dinner, and even an off-road adventure.

In Bayfield, we met new Xscapers and attendees spent two weeks working on building a duplex. Well, I did not build anything……which was okay because I was assigned “security” detail. This was a very important job (tongue in cheek here!) as we were boondocking on Bureau of Land Management land and I watched the RVs while everyone worked. One thing to remember about giving back is there is always something someone can do to help others.

When you travel fulltime, friendships and relationship building become your focal point---- not your house, your clothes, or the latest and greatest new gadget. Community takes on a whole new meaning and YOU will travel far and wide to see people that make you smile and support you being YOU. Who your friends are and finding the “right” group, or “tribe” as many RVers call it, looks differently for each person, family, and freedom loving RV traveler.

Keep searching until you find your tribe as some of the best, most authentic people you will ever meet live in RVs. Remember, you are only here once in this lifetime so live it, love it, and make the most of this amazing adventure! Come and join the Xscapers at their next convergence. You will not regret it!